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Reaching Clarity & Uber Health Partnered Together To Achieve More!

Reaching Clarity and Uber Health have partnered to offer safe and reliable medical transportation to senior clients in Metro Atlanta. Call us at (678) 834-9107 to schedule your pick-up. Our Transportation Coordinator handles everything else! Use Uber Health to get to appointments, the grocery store, errands, or visit with family and friends. Let us take care of it all, just call Reaching Clarity at (678) 834-9107 to schedule your pick-up.

Call our office at (678) 834-9107 to schedule your pick-up. Our Transportation Coordinator will arrange everything for you.

When you book Uber Health, the driver will send you or your caregiver a text message with info about the car’s arrival time and description, license plate number, driver details, and phone number.

Call us with your pickup and next drop-off details. It’s that easy!

No cash or cards exchanged with Uber driver. We handle payment when you arrive. Client billed weekly for Reaching Clarity transportation.

Yes! Reaching Clarity caregivers can assist clients in safely going to and returning from their destination.

Total Transportation Solutions

Elite Senior Transportation Services

Reaching Clarity provides private transportation for seniors in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Transportation is a critical part of living independently. Reaching Clarity senior Transportation assistance helps elderly adults stay connected to family as well as helps them manage tasks such as grocery shopping, therapy and medical appointments. 

Reaching Clarity caregivers are highly trained to provide a more reliable and safe option for elderly transportation, ensuring that elders have the freedom and mobility they desire to visit senior centers, grocery stores, and even medical transportation needs.

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Transportation Options:

Reaching Clarity Homecare can assist seniors with rides and transportation resources for everyday activities such as:

  • Getting to and from appointments, such as doctor visits and follow-up appointments at medical facilities
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • Making new friends and participating in social activities
  • Visiting relatives

Our comprehensive transportation program is designed to provide private and non-emergency medical transportation services to seniors and adults. We understand the importance of a safe and reliable transportation system, especially for the elderly population, and we strive to meet your every need. With a wide range of transportation options, we are here to assist you in every way possible.

Don’t stress about transportation anymore, as our team is readily available to help. To request transportation or for more information, simply click the button below or give us a call at 678-834-9107.

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